FAQ -Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of our most asked questions. If you have any questions that are not answered here, please contact us via our contact us form or facebook messenger or Instagram. We value your safety and peace of mind first and foremost. 

Do you have a storefront?

As of May 2021, ENDless Bakery no longer has a storefront. We ship products out of our warehouse in Spring, TX directly to you. At the time, we only stock flour blends and non-perishable packaged foods. Everything with the ENDless Bakery label is free from every one of the top 8 major food allergens as listed by the FDA. That means our suppliers and packagers do not use any gluten/wheat, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, soy, shellfish and fish.

If you have an allergy or intolerance outside of these top 8 food allergens, please take a look over our ingredient lists or send us a question using our contact us page. One of our team would be happy to talk through our ingredient list and manufacturers we use to ensure your safety. 

Are your ingredients organic and non-GMO? 

We try to use organic and non-GMO ingredients where possible. We are constantly searching for organic non-GMO options, however, some options may not fill our requirement of being top 8 allergen free, and your safety from these allergens takes priority. 

Do you ever make freshly baked goods and sell them at farmers markets?

We do plan to make an appearance starting with farmers markets or local food establishments in The Greater Houston area. At these events, we will sell our non-perishable packaged products, flour blends, and a small assortment of freshly baked goods. The baked goods may be prepared in a kitchen that is not free from the top 8 major food allergens and we will declare what major allergens could have been used in the facility.  


Do you have a cookbook?

We are working on a cookbook for 2022.  We will also share recipes online via our social media sites on a weekly basis. Subscribe or follow us to get notifications about new recipes or live events.

I live in New York. Can you ship your products?

Yes, our flour blends and non-perishable items can be shipped nationwide.


If you still have a question, please send us an inquiry using the form below and we would be happy to help you.